Alliance Women’s Healthcare | Alliance Women’s Pregnancy Guide
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Alliance Women’s Pregnancy Guide

Congratulations On Your Pregnancy!

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Jonathan Snead. We are excited to have you as a patient!

Please review the information provided to find answers to common pregnancy questions, know what to expect during your appointments, familiarize yourself with our office policies, and discover trusted resources that can be helpful throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond.

Addresses & Phone Numbers

Your Providers’ Office
OBGYN - Alliance Womens Healthcare Office

10600 N. Riverside Drive, Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76244

Phone: 817-741-9663

Fax: 817-741-3691

Hospital (Labor & Delivery)

10864 Texas Health Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76244

(Located directly across the street from our office.)

General: 682-212-2000

Labor & Delivery: 877-847-9355

(This number is for pregnant women who are 18 weeks or greater.)

Emergency Room: 682-212-3400

(If you are pregnant and under 18 weeks, you would go to the ER for emergency care..)

Your Care Team

Dr. Jonathan Snead

Board Certified OB/GYN

Angela George

Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Our Trusted Support Team

We have multiple “on call” physicians who cover after hours, evenings, and weekends when Dr. Snead is not available or is not the physician on call. It is possible your delivery will happen at a time when Dr. Snead is not assigned to the hospital. If that happens, one of the trusted call partners will be your physician at your delivery. Throughout your pregnancy, Dr. Snead and Angela George will be your primary care providers. However, they have a support team at the office who are also here to serve you.

Jennifer Brown, RN

Jennifer is a prior labor and delivery nurse who works in our office. She is available to answer your questions you have during your pregnancy when you have a quick concern that doesn’t need a visit. She is able to walk you through what to expect a the hospital. Further, she can help you after delivery and for lactation support.

Tracy Rust, Ultrasound Technician

Tracy is our independent ultrasound technician. He will be performing your ultrasound at your 19 week appointment.

Medical Billing Team

Our in office medical billing team will meet you during the initial phase of your pregnancy to discuss your specific insurance and the benefits your plan offers. They will go over what to expect and will visit with you again in your final trimester to discuss your plan as it will update throughout your pregnancy most likely.

Medical Assistants

Our medical assistants will be with you at your appointments in office as well. They are here to answer questions and get information to the Providers as needed on your behalf.

Front Office Staff

Our front office staff will help you with your scheduling of appointments.